Graphic Design

Branding & Marketing


With experience in planning, designing and developing a visual identity that’s right for your business.

With progress, training has been a great strength to keep pace with the digital world and social media.

The creation and attendances to new events, exhibitions, etc… have made me grow personally and professionally.

About Me

Dedicated to graphic design, specialized in Corporate Identity in which my brand designs stand out among them the contest that I won at the national level of «Cybersecurity».

I have worked in different disciplines to create art, both in large and small projects, as well as for different types of company.

I have also trained as a professional to large companies such as industrial printing presses, such as small shops and individuals for their personal interest.

Adapting the classes to the level of the student I have managed to achieve their objectives, this being the greatest satisfaction.

If you totally believe in yourself, there will be
nothing that is beyond your means.

(Wayne Dyer)

My Brushstrokes


Real Decisiveness

«Nothing is impossible, but entertaining to achieve.» This is, by more difficult the challenge, there is always a solution to the problems and a job well done.


Proposals and new ideas always running, new projects that perform, research and development.


«I’m not as soft as you think or as hard as I look, only i am a pencil with the mine HB». It is only one original definition and different about what you can find.

«Think Outside the Box».


Analyze and refine the work carried out in collaboration with the team for customer satisfaction.

My Work


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